Mrs. Mom 2023, Season 7 in Vizag!

The picturesque city of Vizag recently played host to the much-awaited Mrs. Mom, Season 7 – an event that tends to celebrate the incredible journey of pregnancy, and provides valuable insights into post-pregnancy life, and focuses on how to have a happy and healthy pregnancy journey
This year’s event not only focused on empowering expectant mothers but also included husbands in the journey, creating a unique and memorable experience for pregnant couples. Organized by the renowned Dr. K Shilpi Reddy. Mrs. Vidadala Rajani Garu, the esteemed Health Minister of Andhra Pradesh, gracing the occasion as the chief guest. Mrs. Rajani Garu shared insightful thoughts on the importance of maternal health, reinforcing the event’s mission.

Expert speakers delved into various aspects of pregnancy, postpartum care, and the evolving concept of designer babies. Nutritionists shared insights into maintaining a healthy pregnancy through balanced diets, while childcare experts offered practical tips for new parents. Pregnant couples participated in interactive workshops and games that fostered teamwork and communication. This not only strengthened the bond between partners but also provided a supportive environment for the mothers-to-be.

The decision to host Mrs. Mom, Season 7 in Vizag added an extra layer of excitement to the event.
See you next year Vizag!