By - Dr. K Shilpi Reddy



India’s Only Health
Pageant for to be Mother

The event focuses on various wellness and educational pursuits that can be included into pregnancy and infant care. These include teaching sustainability, undertaking cooking classes, fostering spiritual well-being, offering free dental and medical screenings, personality development workshops, and planning mom’s makeover. In order to secure the best outcomes for both mother and child, it highlights the significance of teaching parents about pregnancy and child care.

Pregnant couples need 360 holistic care.

The journey of pregnancy made beautiful.

Welcome to Mrs. Mom 2023

Why Be a Part of Mrs. Mom 2023

Why Be a Part of
Mrs. Mom 2022

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Director of Mrs. Mom

As an obstetrician and gynaecologist practising since 20 years and as a woman I have seen and personally experienced transformation in my life happen when I changed towards sustainability, organic living, wellness based concepts and incorporating healthy living habits. I have decided to promote these core concepts for the good that they bring into the lives of pregnant women. These concepts help achieve healthy pregnancy as well as promote normal delivery and healthy future living. What is missing in the nuclear family concept we are incorporating and promoting the necessary training to fill this vacuum. My story was my game changer and it’s the way Mrs Mom was conceptualized. The effects of today’s lifestyle on human reproduction and its outcomes need serious reform.

After 5 yrs of marriage and fertility issues for 3 yrs culminating in IVF treatment at 34 yrs of age, I conceived with twin pregnancy successfully but it landed into preterm labor at 26 weeks and it’s roller coaster outcomes because of the impact of stress and lifestyle. As a family me and my husband Pramod then decided to changed our lifestyle to sustainable healthy lifestyle focusing on organic food and holistic concepts. The health benefits are enormous and very encouraging and I had a spontaneous pregnancy at 38 years of age and a full term uneventful delivery. After the birth of my son Avi in 2016 I decided to bring this change into everyone’s life and teach healthy living to everyone planning pregnancy and pregnant couples. This is the story and the beginning of Mrs Mom – an event aimed at “change for good ”